Bonitas Research was founded by Matthew Wiechert, founder of Glaucus Research which was crowned by Activist Insight Magazine as the 2016 Short Seller of the Year. The Latin word "Bonitas" is defined as goodness, integrity, moral excellence, kindness, benevolence, and tenderness.  Using exclusively publicly available evidence we try to understand how deceitful global market participants perpetrate frauds against unsuspecting public market investors. Our standard research process often exceeds hundreds of hours of analytical work for each published idea, starting with a quantitative screen followed by reading a lot of public disclosure.

Our work relies on the truth. We work to discover nefarious behavior which continues to exist in pockets across the global financial markets. We will continue to prioritize work towards companies with the strongest characteristics of fraud and will continue to look for situations of significant market mispricing supported by independent facts that contradict what is disclosed in public filings to investors.

We believe in bridled capitalism guided by a rules-based system that does not allow those in positions of financial power to benefit from deceitful and unfair play. We have great respect for and faith in the capital markets, its exchanges, regulators and fair-play market participants which provides global economies with growth capital and opportunities for financial gain. We try to expose public market frauds which we believe ultimately makes the world a better place. For those that disregard the rules and seek to profit by lying to investors, we are looking for you.


Matthew Wiechert

Matthew Wiechert founded Bonitas Research LLC in 2018. Mr. Wiechert founded Glaucus Research Group California LLC in January 2011, another privately held equity research firm. Mr. Wiechert received his start on the Street as an institutional salesman for Roth Capital Partners from 2004 to 2010. Mr. Wiechert's experience at Roth Capital was highlighted in Award-winning filmmaker Jed Rothstein's 2018 film "The China Hustle", Mr. Wiechert received a B.A. in Economics with Honors from the University of Chicago in 2004.

Bonitas Team Alumni