Hyliion (NYSE: HYLN)

Hyliion Holdings Corp. (NYSE: HYLN) is a US$ 4+ billion market cap company that claims its current hybrid technology can be retrofitted to any Class 8 diesel truck for an immediate 30% fuel efficiency savings.

Evidence revealed that Hyliion’s proprietary battery management system technology was purchased for under US$ 1 million, equal to less than US$ 0.01 per Hyliion share!

There is not one scientific paper or submission that would back up Founder & CEO Thomas Healy’s 30% fuel efficiency claim.

Only 3 of the 7 “customers” listed in Hyliion’s June 2020 PPT presentation appear to have purchased a Hybrid-X system. P.A.M. Transportation abandoned its 2 year test of Hyliion’s Hybrid-X system: “The goal is for a 30% improvement in fuel economy, and so far, the savings has only been a small percentage.

On October 15, Jim Cramer’s Mad Money cautioned investors to be patient and that Hyliion is not a buy at these levels. If the bobblehead pundit doesn’t think your stock is a buy, who does?

We are short Hyliion and believe its stock is going lower.